Your health

Your Health Passport

When you become a care leaver you will be given a ‘health passport’ by the Looked After Children’s Nurse at your last health check as a child in care. This will have all your health information in it so keep in safe as it will be useful when you need to access health services as an adult. If you are over 18 and do not have your health passport ask your worker to provide you with it.

Registering with a GP/Doctor

If you are not already registered with a doctor near you, you can ask your worker to help you register or go to the NHS website.

Dentists and Opticians

If you are receiving benefits or in full time education you will have access to free dental and eye care.

Mental Health

If you are finding it difficult to cope with feelings like anxiety, stress, depression, anger, sadness or anything else we can offer you professionals and services to help you. Click here for a Guide to Mental Health Support, Services and Information.

Sexual Health

Contraception, family planning and sexual health services for the London Borough of Hounslow –

If you do not live in Hounslow see

Drugs and alcohol support

We will offer you support and counselling if you need help with issues around smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Please talk to your worker or keyworker or someone else you trust if you would like help. You can also contact these organisations:

Access to leisure centres

If you want to use leisure centres for swimming, gym and other types of exercise email or call 07432 594042.