Being In Care

What does ‘being in care’ mean?

There are certain times when children are not able to live with their families. During these times, children will be cared for by the Council. This is called being ‘looked after’ and during this time Hounslow will work very hard to keep you safe, healthy and help you to achieve your potential.

We know that being in care can be difficult, so we will make sure your views are listened to and you will always have someone you can trust and talk to about your feelings. You will be in care until you are 18 years old unless it is agreed for you to return to your family. At 18 you will become a ‘care leaver’ with support from Hounslow, if you need it, until you are 25.

To find out more about what to expect while being in care click on the boxes below.

The information in these sections includes what we offer you and what to expect from us. If you feel like we are not doing what we have said we will, then please tell us. Go to Getting your voice heard to find out how.