Keeping in touch with family and friends

We understand how difficult it can be not living with your family or near your friends. We will try to make sure you see your family and friends if you want to but your age and decisions made by the court may also affect how much contact you have with them. Whatever arrangements are made, we will talk to you about it and make sure it is in your best interest.

What can you expect?

Contact with Family

We will work hard to make sure you have are able to keep in contact with your family. How much contact you have will be agreed in your care plan and talked about at your Looked After Child Reviews. Contact can also be talking on the phone, writing to each other and sharing photos.


We will help you do activities that you would like when seeing your family.

Any changes to contact 

We will talk to you and keep you up to date with changes in your family and any changes to your arrangements for contact with them.

Sleepovers with friends

You can have sleepovers with your friends as long as it is agreed by your carer, or the manager of you residential home, and the parent/carer of your friend. This decision does not need to be made by your social worker.