Your education, training and employment

We will work hard to support you with your education and give you options for what you can do when you finish school. Depending on what you choose to do there may be money available to help you cover the costs.

What can you expect?

Support from the Virtual College

We have a team responsible for supporting you with everything to do with your education. You will have a worker from this team to support you and advocate for you in your school or college. You will have a ‘Personal Education Plan’ (PEP) with your goals and how you are going to achieve them. If you need extra tuition or anything else to help you with your education, this will be agreed in your plan. Every term you will have a meeting to check how you are doing and whether you are getting the right amount of support to achieve your goals.

Access to a computer and the Internet

This may be shared in your foster or residential home but you should be given enough access to it to complete your studies. If you are not getting enough access please speak to your social worker. You may be provided with your own laptop depending on what you level you are studying at.

School trips

We will make sure you can go on school trips. Your foster carer will pay the first £100 and we will pay for the rest if it is over £100.

Exam rewards

You will receive some money from us for your educational achievements.

Travel costs

Children aged 11-15 in London need a Zip Oyster photocard to travel free on buses and trams and at the child rate on all other transport.

If you are 16 + and in full time education or training in London you are entitled to Zip Oyster photocard to travel free on buses and trams.

You can apply here Under 18s Zip Oyster Photocards

If you live outside of London you can check what discounts your local council gives to students here:
Free school transport
Subsidised college transport

We will pay for:

  • £10 towards the cost of applying for an Oyster card or equivalent if you do not live in London.
  • The cost of an adult travel fare for up to 6 weeks or until you receive you 16+ Zip Oyster Photocard

Extra Education Payments

  • We will pay the registration and/or exam fees for your agreed course
  • We will support you with essential equipment and books as agreed on an individual basis
  • We will reward you with £10 per holiday week (not including summer holidays) for attendance over 90%