Your safety

Keeping you safe

If you tell us something is happening to you which is making you feel unsafe we promise to take it seriously. We will make sure that everyone who is working with you is properly trained and works together to keep you safe.  Your safety will always be discussed at your Looked After Child Review.

A safe place to live

If you do not feel safe in the house or the area where you are living we will work with you to move you to somewhere you do feel safe.

If you go missing

If you do not come home to your foster or residential home when you are supposed to we will report you missing to the Police. When you come back, we will make sure you have someone to talk to about why you went missing.

Involvement with the Police

If you get arrested we will make sure you have an ‘appropriate adult’ (someone to support you and make sure you understand what is going on) with you during any police interviews or investigations.

See the GET HELP section if you are worried about the safety of yourself or someone else.