Get involved

The Participation Service gives young people in care and care leavers opportunities to have their voices heard to help make positive changes to the care system. We also run lots of projects, trips and activities to help you learn new skills, build your confidence and meet other care experienced children and young people and to have fun.  A lot of these activities are based within the London Borough of Hounslow but if you don’t live here there are still ways to get your voice heard and take part in trips and activities. Some of the things that you can get involved in are:

The Children in Care Council

Once a month you can meet to discuss issues and work together with other young people, staff and senior managers to make improvements to the care system and the services young people in care and care leavers receive. Even if you don’t live in the London Borough of Hounslow there are still ways you can be involved.

The Care Leaver’s Forum

You can be part of a group which meets monthly to talk about issues specifically for care leavers and work together with the Leaving Care Team and managers to make improvements to the services care leavers receive.

Young Women’s Group

Meeting every other Tuesday to support young women on a whole range of topics.

Independence Sessions

Where you can learn about budgeting, cooking skills and get information on benefits and entitlements.

Weekly Drop-in

Where you can meet other young people and get involved in activities.

Emotional well-being sessions

Learn important life skills for good mental and emotional health.

Taking part in surveys, consultations and events to give your views

Plus lots more!

How to get involved

To find out more and to get involved please contact us.

  • In person: The Spot, Unit 1, 33 Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 1JG (weekdays only)